What Are Some Good Websites for Finding Reviews of Local Businesses?

What Are Some Good Websites for Finding Reviews of Local Businesses?

Good websites for finding reviews of local businesses include Google Places for Business, Yahoo Local, Angie's List, Bing Places for Business and Yelp. Kudzu helps homeowners who are looking for local renovation contractors.

Many local businesses appear on Google Places for Business, one of the most popular local business directories. Potential clients can search for local businesses in this directory, read reviews from previous clients and even get directions via Google Maps.

Bing Places for Business is another very popular business directory among business owners and clients. Individuals can visit this directory to read reviews, see the various locations of a business, and view pictures and videos from the business. Yahoo Local listings have customer reviews, business descriptions and business photos that potential clients can check out.

Yelp has a lot of quality reviews and thrives on word-of-mouth advertising. Potential clients looking for quality honest reviews about local businesses should visit this site. Angie's List is another respected business directory with honest reviews. Potential clients can read these reviews before finding a local business to work with.

Kudzu is ideal for homeowners in search of local contractors. It has profiles of local businesses that can help a homeowner with a renovation project.