What Makes a Good Website Landing Page?

What Makes a Good Website Landing Page?

Good website landing pages are tailored to a specific audience, provide rich content, are well-designed, match the advertisement's wording and are easily sharable. Designing a good website landing page is easier if the designer has had ample time to brainstorm ideas for the page.

The designer must know who his exact audience for the landing page, which should be written in the style of that audience's voice. A good designer also provides different landing pages for audiences that came to the site through different means, such as separate pages for those who found the site via Google and those who found it through social media such as Facebook or Twitter.

A good website landing page also contains rich content that is relevant and useful and that inspires trust in readers. The page should not smother visitors with too much information.

Well-designed landing pages have eye-catching headlines and engaging writing. The page should immediately answer any questions that a reader may have, including any steps the designer wants the reader to take.

When the landing page has the same wording as the advertisement, readers are reassured that they are in the right place. Finally, the page should be easily sharable through the use of buttons on the page that allow readers to share purchases with friends or to share kind words about the product or service the page promotes.