What Are Some Good Ways to Use Offender Connect?

What Are Some Good Ways to Use Offender Connect?

Individuals can use ConnectNetwork, formerly Offender Connect, to send money to an inmate's commissary or telephone account in some United States jail and prison facilities. ConnectNetwork is also used to manage multiple AdvancePay accounts under a single login. Additionally, individuals can use the service to send emails and pay the visitor registration free for the Arizona Department of Corrections. ConnectNetwork offers a text alert system that notifies users when a balance is low, and mobile applications are available.

Individuals can sign up for a ConnectNetwork account online at ConnectNetwork.com by clicking the Sign Up link on the left of the home page. After reading and accepting the terms of use, a user is prompted for personal information, including name, address, telephone number and email address. A new username and password are also required.

An individual must select and set up the facility where the inmate is housed. After this, the account is verified and confirmed.

A list of participating facilities, as well as the type of ConnectNetwork services allowed at each facility, is available by clicking the Locations link at the top of the home page. Users can click the Request a Service link on the Service Locations page to request the addition of a facility or service.

Funds added to an inmate's commissary account through ConnectNetwork become available to the facility immediately. However, the length of time it takes the facility to disburse the funds to the inmate varies based on facility policies.