What Are Some Good Ways to Practice Typing Fast?


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Ways to practice typing fast include using all ten fingers, learning to touch type, learning navigation with basic keyboard shortcuts and practicing with apps. Other ways to practice typing fast include improving typing accuracy, stretching fingers when they get stiff and understanding the keyboard. There are online typing tests that allow users to practice several times, catch errors and review progress, leading to speed improvement.

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What Are Some Good Ways to Practice Typing Fast?
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Using all the ten fingers when typing helps improve finger placement on the keyboard. Typing with all fingers prevents an individual from always having to look at the keyboard to get the right keys, thus improving speed. The index fingers cover the middle part of the keyboard while the little fingers cover the function, punctuation and navigation keys.

Practice to touch type, which involves typing without looking at the keyboard. Learn to condition the fingers to rest naturally on the keys they are responsible for, and then try typing the sentence without looking at the keyboard. With both hands on the keyboard, learn to use the many keyboard shortcuts.

There are different apps online and tests that help when practicing typing. Some typing games include TypeRacer, Typing Maniac, Keybr.com and Learn typing. Online typing tests allow individuals to review their progress by catching typing errors.

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