What Is a Good Way to Get a Free Talk Line Number?


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To get a free phone number for talk purposes, called a voice line, there are free options available, such as Google Voice, that use an Internet connection to send and receive voice data. The term for this technology is Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VOIP.

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Some other free VOIP service companies are BBee, MO-Call, StarTel, VoipGate and OnSIP. In order to obtain a Google Voice number, you need to get a Google account by signing up for one of Google's services, such as Gmail. After signing up with Google, go to the Google Voice page and follow the prompts to set up voice service.

When creating a Google Voice account, you can choose your phone number and port it to a phone of your choice. You may be required to provide an existing phone number to activate the account, but it is possible to use any device that connects to the Internet for voice calls. When using a laptop computer or tablet, you may need a headset with an attached microphone to hear and speak with call recipients. Google Voice service includes several features such as text, voicemail, and seamless integration with other Google services. For example, there is a feature that allows voicemails to be transcribed to text and sent to your email.

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