What Is a Good Way to Scan Multiple Pages?


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The best method for scanning multiple pages depends on the scanner, the computer's operating system and whether the pages need to be in a single document. Some scanners support batch scanning, which automatically imports multiple pages, while others require the selection of special options to link the individual images together.

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The first step of a multiple-page scan is to understand the features of the scanner, as a model with an automatic document feeder is capable of automatically scanning each page and saving it into a single file. Models without such a feature, such as the standard flatbed scanner, are still capable of combining multiple pages but require direction from the scanning software. After determining the scanner's capabilities, the program required depends on the operating system. On a computer running Mac OS X, open Preview and select the Import from Scanner option, then set the file type to PDF and check the box next to Combine Into Single Document and scan each page.

On a Windows computer, it is often necessary to use the scanner's proprietary software. Each model offers different options and features, but most offer the ability to combine pages during the scan. Make sure to change the import file type to PDF and look for an option to combine the pages. Scan each page according to the onscreen prompts, and end the process after scanning all the pages into a saved file.

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