What Are Some Good VST Voice Plugins?

What Are Some Good VST Voice Plugins?

Good Virtual Studio Technology plugins include GSnap, Fracture, Forte Basic and Son of a Pitch. These plugins are geared toward musicians who wish to compose, mix and master their own music. Their most popular features include autotune, pitch correction and filters that create abstract sounds. These plugins are available for free.

GSnap is considered one of the best VST plugins available. While users can manually correct pitches and harmonize vocals, an automatic setting can adjust pitches that are difficult to smooth over. This plugin does not work without a monophonic input signal. Users must select the stereo function in the Effects section of the plugin.

The VST plugin Fracture helps musicians electronically create common mechanical noises and abstract musical arrangements. It features three LFOs, delay, buffering and several filters. It can be used for drums or synthesizers.

Forte Basic offers the ability to filter each MIDI on its own. Missing MIDI files are easily organized, as they are immediately identified and routed to the appropriate adapter for troubleshooting. This software is intended for use with musical arrangements but can also be used on vocal tracks. Forte Basic is the stripped-down version of Forte, a more capable but expensive VST.

Son of a Pitch provides precise, manual pitch correction through digital knobs that can render a signal three octaves higher or lower than its original pitch. It offers three filters to apply to a track. These filters can be manually bypassed by feeding the signal directly into the pitch bender.