What Are Some Good Video Hosting Options for Businesses?

As of 2015, some good video hosting options for businesses are YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and Amazon Web Services. YouTube operates as one of Google's subsidiaries and is free. It lets businesses embed videos on their websites with several customization options, such as video size and hidden player controls. YouTube offers video editing tools with features such as annotations and closed captioning. It also provides analytic data, including view counts and traffic sources.

Vimeo offers a paid video hosting service with a wide range of features, such as a customizable video player. Businesses get unlimited bandwidth and video time for their high-definition videos. It also provides the Vimeo On Demand service, which lets businesses sell their videos on their websites. In addition, Vimeo provides tutorials to members to help them improve the quality of their videos.

Wistia offers a customizable video player for videos hosted on its platform. It provides detailed analytic information such as the most-watched parts of a video and trend graphs. Its Turnstile feature allows businesses to collect the email addresses of viewers.

Amazon Web Services offers a paid online storage service known as the Simple Storage Service, which businesses can use to host videos. Since this is a storage-only service, it doesn't offer features such as video compression or an embedded video player.