How Do You Get a Good Verizon Rate?

How Do You Get a Good Verizon Rate?

Get a good monthly rate plan at Verizon by paying for your phone in full when signing up. Avoid signing up for more minutes, text and data than you plan on actually using for a lower monthly rate.

Verizon offers several ways for customers to save money, including paying for the full price of the phone when signing up for a contract. This means you only pay for the cost of the service and not the device on each monthly statement.

If a customer needs a new phone, Verizon offers a discount on its single-line plans with the Edge plan. The Edge plan allows customers to pay for a new device in installments, and receive a discount on the monthly rate. As of 2015, this discount is $15. Beware, the monthly payments for the new device could equal or exceed the value of the discount.

In order to compete, Verizon, like many carriers, removed its 2-year contract requirement, offering existing customers month-to-month plans similar to prior pay-as-you-go plans. Depending on the type of phone you have and the amount of time you use it, a pre-paid plan could be cheaper than a monthly one under a contract.

Compare each plan carefully, and consider how much data, if any, you need, plus how often you need to use the phone for talking and texting. Also, ask about discounts, because Verizon offers them to employees of certain companies. Verizon also offer discounts to veterans and active duty members of the military.