What Are Some Good Under-Cabinet TVs?

What Are Some Good Under-Cabinet TVs?

Good under-cabinet TVs include the Philips AJL750, Venturer KLV36082, Audiovox VE927 and Coby KTFDVD1093. Under-cabinet televisions are versatile and can be installed virtually anywhere in a kitchen.

The Philips AJL750 features a 7-inch flip-down LCD screen and a clock radio. It has a built-in tuner for access to digital cable channels and a satisfactory aspect ratio for widescreen, high-definition channel viewing.

The Venturer KLV39082 offers a wider view than many under-cabinet television models, particularly for the KLV39120 option. The brand includes a built-in DVD player for more variety aside from the analog or digital tuners. The remote control features a magnetic back that sticks on the refrigerator to make it easier to find.

The Audiovox VE927 has a 7-inch screen offering a crisp and clear image owing to its high display resolution and widescreen aspect ratio, especially for a television of its size. The stereo speakers are capable of playing sound over the noise of most kitchen appliances, including the blender. The TV plays AM and FM radio and comes with a remote control. This is a good option for people interested in watching high-definition images.

The Coby KTFDVD1093 features an ATSC digital tuner for clear viewing. It has an adjustable swivel screen to allow viewing from different angles, and the integrated stereo speakers offer a 3-watt output, which is more than many similar models on the market.