What Are Some Good TVs With Built-in DVD Players?


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Some good TVs with built-in DVD players include brands such as RCA, Magnavox and JVC, as of 2015. Many of the newer LCD and high-definition televisions have DVD players built in.

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The RCA LED/LCD 40-inch TV with DVD player is one of the more popular types of TVs with this option. It is partly so popular because it is rare to find such a large TV with a DVD player; usually it is the smaller models with the feature. This RCA TV has multiple AV inputs, the ability to read CDs, DVDs and MP3s, and DVD playback features.

The Magnavox 32-inch LCD TV/DVD combo is another popular television, offering 1366 by 768 native pixel resolution, two HDMI outlet ports and one composite video input port. It plays all types of discs, including DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW and all CD formats.

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