What Are Some Good TV Headphones?


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A few of the best wireless headphones for television are the Sennheiser RS 160, the Power Acoustik HP-902RFT 2 and the Sennheiser RS 220. The Sony Long Range Wireless Stereo Headphones and the Sennheiser IS850 are also highly favored, as of 2015.

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Wireless headphones work by broadcasting audio through the air using radio frequencies. A dedicated base for the headphones plugs into an audio source, and the base station then sends the audio to the user's wireless headphones. This is achieved by using FM radio or infrared signals, which results in long range signal transmission but at a potential loss of overall audio quality. Higher-end headphones typically use Bluetooth or proprietary software to send the audio signal to the headphones to ensure better audio quality. Most wireless headphones offer stereo sound between the two speakers, while some headphones also offer the feature to emulate full surround sound.

Wireless headphones need to be charged regularly, depending on the amount of usage. On average, wireless headphones can be used up to 10 hours before they need to be charged. Depending on the model of headphones, some charge by using putting the headphones on the base station, while some have to be plugged directly into an AC outlet.

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