What Are Some Good Things to Know As a New Verizon Customer?

What Are Some Good Things to Know As a New Verizon Customer?

A new Verizon customer needs to know the services and products that Verizon offers, as well as what his own plan covers. The customer should know that he can retain his previous mobile line from a different carrier and also get online support for common phone problems.

Verizon offers mobile services and also sells phones. They have a number of offers for data, text and calls. They offer shareable data for up to 10 devices. They also offer cloud services and data estimation calculators.

Other services include device recycling and referral reward programs. Moreover, they have Verizon edge that lets customer upgrade to the new technology. Verizon further has a community forum through which users share their experiences. In addition, Verizon sells smartphones, tablets, mobile hotspots and other accessories.

Verizon allows a customer to use the exact phone number that he was using with a former service provider. The Verizon website asks the customer to enter a phone number when he purchases a phone online. He has the option of selecting the current line or a new one. The old subscriber disconnects a customer once he switches to Verizon. The process takes from 4 hours to 10 working days depending on the former subscriber.

Verizon also provides help with issues such as billing queries, account sign-up, revising plans, and tracking a lost or stolen phone. They also help with device troubleshooting, international services and app issues.