What Are Some Good Tablet Apps for Autistic Kids?


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Some mobile applications are usable on a tablet and helpful for autistic kids include Autism Emotions, Accorn and Billy Possum's Interactive Comprehension. As of 2015, these apps are available exclusively on Apple devices.

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One of the hallmark symptoms of autism involves impaired social skills. The app "Autism Emotions" helps autistic children build social interaction skills. The app uses a photo slide show to teach children about emotions associated with various facial expressions. Each slideshow image is accompanied by a text that describes the emotion being illustrated. Alternatively, children can listen to an audio description of the emotion, set to song. "Autism Emotions" teaches autistic children to identify when someone is happy, sad, proud, and calm.

The app "Accorn" is good for autistic children who are nonverbal and those suffering from developmental delays. The app displays images of common items and speaks when the image is pressed. Additionally, each button press triggers the formation of a 'word tree.' That is a pathway that suggests new, but similar words, that form a sentence. In this way, the Accorn app can help autistic children with verbal difficulties learn to communicate.

The app "Billy Possum's Interactive Comprehension" is suited for autistic children ages nine through 11. The app moves beyond the word tree model used by other applications and instead teaches children about sentence meaning and structure. For example, children learn literal versus inferential meanings and strategies for making visualizations and predictions when reading.

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