What Are Some Good Sweet and Romantic Text Messages?


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Some examples of good and sweet romantic text messages include, "I'm thinking of you, babe" and "You make me really happy." An example of a light-hearted romantic text is, "I love you more than [insert favorite food here]." There are many ways to compose a romantic text message. Some basic tips include keeping it short and simple, making the message personal, and creating something unique.

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Some things are intrinsically associated with romance. Hearts, for example, invoke a feeling of love or romance. Including a heart emoticon in a text message automatically strengthens the romantic element. Just saying, "I love you <3" is a fine example of a romantic text.

Make the text message personal by considering the interests or actions of the person to whom the message is sent. Keep the message short and simple. Romance does not always require eloquence, and it definitely does not require trying to be someone you are not. One way to accomplish this task is for the composer to write what she is feeling in her own words. "I'd binge watch every season of Friends with you on Netflix" or, "I'd love to cook you dinner" are both short, sweet and to the point.

If the composer thinks that what she is feeling might be better expressed by the words of another, she can borrow a romantic quote from a poem, a movie or a song. This can be made even better by choosing a quote from the recipient's favorite romantic movie or song, thus personalizing the message.

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