What Are Some Good Surveillance System Brands?

What Are Some Good Surveillance System Brands?

As of 2015, Q-See, Lorex, Swann, Defender and NetGear are all highly rated brands of surveillance systems. Founded in 1997, Q-See is a global leader in residential and commercial wireless closed-circuit television solutions.

Q-See produces a wide range of digital video recorders, security cameras, and other security and surveillance accessories. GroundedPower.com named the Q-See QT5682 960H as the overall best home surveillance system. This system features a digital video recorder and comes with either four or eight CCTV security cameras, which are weatherproof and feature night vision capabilities up to 100 feet.

Lorex was the first security system company to include touch screen controls with some of its systems. The company's digital video recorders allow the user to instantly download video to a USB drive. Lorex's Edge DVRs feature Internet connectivity, allowing the user to monitor the video stream remotely using a smartphone or computer.

The majority of Defender security systems feature plug and play connectivity and come with a video tutorial guide that allows the user to set up the system in around 20 minutes. GroundedPower.com named the Defender PX301 as the best wireless security camera system.

The Australian company Swann produces a variety of security camera systems, including black-and-white cameras, dome cameras, color-fixed cameras and pan-tilt-zoom cameras. Most of Swann's cameras can be used with different lenses, such as wide, thick or thin lenses.