Where Are Some Good Sources for Lists of Cell Tower Locations?

Where Are Some Good Sources for Lists of Cell Tower Locations?

The Federal Communications Commission website contains lists of registered antenna structures across the United States, including cell towers. Alternatively, CellReception.com combines a list of FCC-registered towers with Google Maps to create a searchable map of tower locations.

The FCC offers search by registration number or location. Enter a location's coordinates, or a city, state and county name, to view the registered antennas in that area. The height above ground search box allows you to narrow down the list of results if necessary.

Once the search is complete, click on an antenna's registration number to view further information, such as the owner's contact information, antenna structure type, the address and the date of construction.

CellReception.com lets you search by city and state to view a map with a location marker for each tower. Click the location marker to view the tower's address and see who owns it.

CellReception notes that not every tower needs to be registered with the Federal Communications Commission, so some towers may not appear on the map. Furthermore, leasing agreements between carriers and third parties are unknown, so using the map alone is not a fully reliable method of determining actual cell coverage for a given area.