What Are Some Good Software Programs for Writing Books?

What Are Some Good Software Programs for Writing Books?

Some good software for writing books includes Scrivener, Sigil, FreeMind and WriteMonkey. From drafting to organizing to avoiding distractions, these programs can all be useful for writers trying to complete long-form manuscripts.

Scrivener is a tool for serious fiction writers working on novels. This paid program provides features for outlining, character files, script and story templates and more. While it functions as a word processor, Scrivener excels at keeping track of all of a book’s different moving parts, allowing writers to view and organize their work quickly.

FreeMind is a free tool that allows users to outline and map plot points, ideas and other elements of writing. The intuitive software provides a blank canvas for users to storyboard and work out ideas. Whether it’s brainstorming initial concepts or visually representing plot momentum, FreeMind can help writers juggle the different components of their work.

WriteMonkey is a productivity tool designed to cut down on distractions when writing. This simple, barebones word processor eliminates desktop temptations, taking up the entire computer screen with its stark interface. In spite of its Spartan appearance, the program is a fully functional word processor with modern features

Sigil is a free conversion and organization tool that helps writers convert their work into digital publishing formats. Users can type directly into the program or import their manuscripts. Sigil also features a chapter division tool and a comprehensive spell checker.