What Are Some Good Small Tracking Devices?

What Are Some Good Small Tracking Devices?

The Amber Alert GPS, PocketFinder, Trackimo, Trax and SkyNanny are good small tracking devices, according to Top Ten Reviews. Other highly rated models include the Caref GPS, FiLIP and BrickHouse Security Spark Nano.

The Amber Alert GPS is designed for monitoring children. It features a panic button, two-way voice communication, speed limit detection and a five-minute location update interval. Users may access the device's current location online or with a mobile application. The two-way calling feature does not include an audible alert, allowing users to hear their child's surroundings secretly.

The Amber Alert GPS also features a sexual predator alert function. When enabled, parents receive an alert when the device approaches the address of a registered sex offender.

The BrickHouse Security Spark Nano is a small tracking device for people, vehicles and personal property. It does not require a service contract or activation fee. This device provides text and email notifications regarding its travel speed and location. Users may also monitor the tracker online or with a smartphone. Optional accessories for the BrickHouse Security Spark Nano include a battery pack, belt pouch and waterproof case.

The Trackimo is a small, 1.4-ounce tracking device that provides real-time location information over a cellular network. It comes with a SIM card, charging cable, battery cover and a one-year manufacturer's warranty.