What Are Some Good and Simple Phones for Seniors?

What Are Some Good and Simple Phones for Seniors?

Some good senior phones for 2015 include the Emporia Euphonia, Maxcom MM461, Samsung Jitterbug 5 and Snapfon ezTWO3G, according to PhoneArena.com. These phones lack the sophisticated features of modern smartphones, but they offer more accessible interfaces and useful features for less tech-savvy seniors.

Austrian designer Euphonia specializes in cell phones for seniors, and the Euphonia is one of the company’s top-rated models. The phone offers a bright screen for easy viewing and large buttons to make dialing convenient. The Euphonia also features a side button for emergency calls and a 2-megapixel camera.

Maxcom’s MM461 is another senior-friendly phone, offering a large, bright screen; a simple interface; large buttons and a loud internal speaker. The phone also features an LED flashlight and presents phone text in a clear, easy-to-read font.

Samsung’s Jitterbug 5 is a flip phone that boasts huge buttons, an amplified speaker, a simple menu system and large fonts. The phone also offers a dedicated emergency button that connects users to the 5star service in case of medical emergency.

Snapfon’s ezTWO3G is one of the cheapest senior cell phones available, but it offers a bevy of useful features, including a flashlight, emergency button and built-in camera. Like other senior-friendly phones, the ezTWO3G also features large buttons and an interface with large letters for easy viewing.