What Are Some Good Resources for Learning Binary Code?


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ComputerHope.com provides a tutorial for reading binary. Notes on binary arithmetic are also available on Academic.Evergreen.edu. More advanced topics are covered on the Arduino Playground website, including information about bitwise operators. The Arduino website also contains many examples of the practical uses of binary code in the context of modern microcontrollers.

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The first step to learning binary code is understanding the binary, or base 2, number system. ComputerHope.com provides this basic groundwork. Consult the Arduino Playground to learn about bitwise operators once basic binary arithmetic is understood.

Electronic prototyping platforms, such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi, are good investments for students who grasp binary operators and basic programming. These provide insight into the scenarios that require programmers to work at a low level where writing binary code is routine. In the long term this provides an opportunity to use knowledge of binary code for creating electronic gadgets.

The BBC provides an easy to understand online course on binary code. It is a gentle introduction that concludes with a test which allows students to gauge their progress. Another good resource for new students is Wikipedia, which includes learning materials within a broader context, such as the historical uses of binary code.

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