What Is a Good Web Program Students Can Use to Practice Addition and Subtraction?


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Adapted Mind and Sheppard Software offer online programs where students can practice addition, subtraction and other mathematical processes. Each program has several practice options to chose from, including separate addition and subtraction lessons.

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On the Adapted Mind site, users can select a grade between first and sixth, then view the available lesson types. Clicking to view a specific addition or subtraction lesson causes individual questions to pop up one by one. If answered correctly, points are given; the program works like an online game and provides badges and other fun items as the student continues to answer questions.

With Sheppard Software, users select from several math operation types including addition and subtraction, then choose a skill level and either slow or fast speed. A math problem is provided, and the student clicks on the fruit picture with the correct answer. Points are provided for each correct answer.

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