What Are Good Processors for a Laptop?

Some good laptop processors include the AMD and Intel units, notes techradar.com. Both processors are often compared against each other in terms of performance and price, with AMD being a primary choice for frugal users while Intel continues to perform well for high-end system users.

In terms of being budget friendly the AMD processors are often seen as the go-to units. These processors offer enough power to provide constant fast performance, without hurting the bank account, states techradar.com. In terms of budget gaming, the AMD Radeon graphics card is able to provide good performance against the integrated cards available on the Intel platforms. However, AMD loses in comparison to the durability Intel processors provide. It is also worth mentioning that Intel is working on a Iris Pro packing system that is meant to be used on lower builds and provide similar, if not better performance than the AMD Radeon cards.

Intel is generally used on larger computer system builds. This is due to the durability provided by the components built by Intel. Although Intel components generally cost more than AMD, Intel provides a larger selection of devices, along with parts that are able to stand the heat and last longer. For users that are interested in building top-quality machines, Intel is the best option to select, notes techradar.com.