What Are Some Good Online Stopwatches to Download?


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Calendar Magic, MultiTrack Stopwatch, WatchMe, PC Chrono and Compact Timer are some of the free stopwatches that are available for download. Some have simple stopwatch functions, while others expand and offer other features useful for time measuring or event planning.

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MultiTrack Stopwatch is a stopwatch software that features 10 stopwatch counters. The user can either start them one by one or all at the same time. The user interface is very simple, and there is a safety lock available in the program. The counter values can be recorded to a file or to the Windows clipboard.

PC Chrono is a three-in-one program that features a timer, a stopwatch and a clock. The stopwatch can be used to measure the time of an event and it can be paused, reset or cancelled at any time. This program also has a simple interface.

WatchMe is a timer program that can also be used as a stopwatch. It has five timers by default that can be used simultaneously, but the user can also add more timers if needed. The values of the timers can be exported to a CSV file to use for further calculations.

Calendar Magic is mainly a calendar software, but it also has a stopwatch feature. The stopwatch can be used to measure the time of an event, and it is also possible to record time. As calendar software, it offers a wider range of functions than simple stopwatch programs.

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