What Are Some Good Online Resources for College-Level English Help?


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Good online resources for college-level English help are the Purdue online writing lab, known as OWL, and Tutor.com. OWL helps students in college-level English courses by providing many resources, including help for general writing, research and citation, subject-specific writing and English as a Second Language assistance. The information helps students, teachers and trainers at different academic levels across the university spectrum, and the material is available worldwide. Tutor.com helps students with general English studies, essay writing and social studies.

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The OWL resources assist students in preparing to write about topics, developing research questions, constructing thesis statements and more. These resources help students with writing mechanics, grammar, punctuation and visual rhetoric in grappling with many common writing assignments, including annotated bibliographies, book reports and research papers. The Purdue OWL also gives resources for completing applications to both undergraduate and graduate schools.

Tutor.com grants users access to tutors who provide one-on-one assistance. These tutors cover every grade and skill level and help with writing personal statements, book reports, forensics, descriptive essays and other types of documents. The online Tutor.com platform features an interactive whiteboard that lets both the tutor and the student be involved in the processes of deciding on vocabulary, voice and tone issues. It also has a file-sharing tool to transfer and edit documents quickly.

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