What Are Some Good Mouse Pointers for Windows?


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Some good mouse pointer themes for Windows include Gaia, Wii, Entis and Polar. Other options for Windows mouse-pointer themes include Transparency, Night Diamond, Glass and Chrome.

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Gaia features 10 cursor options, four of which are animated. The set is designed to raise environmental awareness. Wii is for those who want to standardize their computers to use the same type of cursors used in the Wii video game system. It features 18 types of cursors, three of which are animated. Entis offers bold looking cursors that help those with vision problems. The cursors have thick white frames and dark inner surfaces so that they are always easy to find on the screen. Polar cursors are marked by their simple and clean design and are available in light and dark colors.

Transparency cursors deliver what the name promises, cursors that are transparent to degrees for those who want a more subtle look. These cursors are not ideal for those with vision problems. Night Vision cursors feature a vibrant design available in a variety of striking shades such as amethyst, golden orange and bloody red. Glass cursors are designed to look like glass sliding over the screen and feature clean lines and a modern design. Chrome features animated cursor designs similar to Glass but in a variety of colors.

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