What Are Some Good Modems to Use With Verizon DSL?

What Are Some Good Modems to Use With Verizon DSL?

The top three 2015 DSL modems to choose from are the Motorola Netopia 2210, ZyXEL Prestige 660M and Netgear DM111P, according to Top Ten Reviews. Each modem is priced just under $100, as of November 2015, and is able to manage speeds of approximately 24mps. Every modem is also able to work across all platforms and operating systems, including Verizon DSL.

Before purchasing a modem, be sure to check the equipment that is leased from the contract with Verizon DSL. This will shed some light on what to look for in a modem, as well as provide some insight on whether or not purchasing one outright is cost effective.

The least expensive modem is the ZyXEL Prestige 660M. It costs $49.99, as of November 2015, and has several features such as cross platform usability, Ethernet port connect-ability and diagnostic LED lights. Installing the Prestige does not require any CDs, instead it implements the software after being connected to the computer.

The Motorola Netopia 2210 is slightly more expensive, at $74.95. If features an integrated firewall, VPN pass-through and Fast Ethernet port. It also does not use a CD for its software installation, but instead downloads the driver from the Internet.

The NETGEAR DM111P is the most expensive on the list, priced at $98.04. The unit lacks an integrated firewall and VPN pass through, as seen on the Motorola modem, but has a solid warranty that lasts up to one year, notes Top Ten Reviews.