What Are Some Good Java Tutorials?

What Are Some Good Java Tutorials?

The Oracle documentation website and LearnJavaOnline.org provide free Java tutorials. BeginnersBook.com, Udemy.com and Codecademy.com feature Java courses for beginners and also for advanced users of Java.

Oracle.com provides the official documentation of Java. The tutorials are divided into three main categories: trails covering the basics, creating graphical user interfaces, and specialized trails and lessons.

LearnJavaOnline.org features free interactive Java tutorials. Users can test Java programming in the code window and see the result in the output window. The tutorials are divided in two levels: basic and advanced.

Beginner's Book provides tutorials for Java and other programming languages. The Java tutorial for beginners features over 50 lessons and includes many examples of Java programs that users can try out on their computers.

Udemy.com and Codecademy.com offer courses for many programming languages, including Java. Users must register in order to access the content of the courses. All courses at Codecademy are free. The Codecademy Java course is meant for beginners and has an estimated course time of four hours. Some Java courses at Udemy are free, while others are not. For example, the course "Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners," by John Purcell, is free and features 17 hours of video tutorials, divided into 75 lessons.