What Is a Good Glossary of Basic Computer Terms?


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Examples of good glossaries of computer terms include the ones that Computer Hope and PC.net provide. For seniors and inexperienced computer users, Seniors Guide to Computers provides a glossary of computer terms that uses simple language to explain the terminology.

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Computer Hope's glossary section features options to browse computer terms by category, date of addition and popularity during the past 30 days. For each letter, it displays the 10 most common terms starting with that letter and lists the rest below them. The website provides a short article for each computer term, including images, links to computer terms mentioned within the article and links to pages leading to instructive articles related to the selected term. The glossary section also includes an option to select a computer term randomly.

The glossary section on PC.net, which has been active online since 1999, includes links to articles explaining the more common computer terms sorted alphabetically and lets users access a list of all terms starting with a specific letter and peruse short descriptions without accessing the full article. Clicking on a computer term opens the entire article in a new page.

The Seniors Guide to Computers glossary section shows all computer terms on a single page. It covers only the basic terminology, which results in less content relative to the other two websites. The terms are sorted alphabetically, and each includes a brief overview within the same page.

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