What Are Some Good Flip Phones?


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Some of the best flip phones of 2015 include the Kyocera Kona and the Kyocera DuraXT, according to CNET. These phones offer basic functionality for users who either don’t need or don’t want the advanced features of a smartphone.

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Kyocera’s Kona receives strong reviews from CNET, winning praise for its compact design, ease of use and intuitive interface. Unique among most flip phones is the ability to set certain contacts as secret, meaning that they only appear if a set PIN is entered. Reviewers do note that the device sometimes functions sluggishly, and that its camera functionality is limited even for a flip phone. The Kona’s camera takes low-quality photographs, does not have a flash feature and can’t record video, though users looking for functionality over features are unlikely to be concerned by these limitations.

The Kyocera DuraXT also wins praise, with reviewers praising its durable design, functional camera and convenient call features. As its name implies, the DuraXT is all about sturdy design, and the phone is dustproof, shockproof and waterproof up to 30 minutes of submersion. The phone can also operate under extreme temperatures, high humidity and even solar radiation. The DuraXT offers a 3.2-megapixel camera with a flash feature, allowing users to take medium-quality photos. For users looking for a phone that can stand up to tough environments, the DuraXT is a practical choice.

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