How Do You Get Good at Flappy Bird?


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Some tips to get better at "Flappy Bird" include tapping more slowly, not being afraid to fall, playing on a tablet and staying calm. "Flappy Bird" is a popular mobile game in which players control a bird that attempts to fly between rows of green columns without touching them.

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Although the game's bird falls extremely fast, it's a mistake to try to press the button to regain altitude too quickly. It's better to take a slower pace, let the bird fall and give yourself more room to rise up at the critical moment when you pass between pipes. Touching the ground does cause the game the end, but it's typically a better idea to let the bird drift closer to the bottom of the screen. The increase in speed that comes from rising up is necessary to deal with changes in the height of the columns.

Playing on a tablet can also help increase scores, due to the greater amount of screen space. Playing the game on a tiny mobile phone makes precise navigation far more difficult. Trying to stay calm also helps attain a better score. "Flappy Bird" can be a frustrating game, but the stress and anger that come from repeated failures can make players perform much worse.

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