What Are Some Good Exercises for Improving Typing Speed and Accuracy?


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The best way to improve typing accuracy is to practice typing on a regular basis and use the home keys on the central row of the keyboard. It's best to focus on accuracy first and build up speed over time. Trying for speed first only increases the likelihood of errors.

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Typists should start by placing fingers on the home row of the keyboard. This starts with A on the left and ends with the semicolon. Each of the four fingers of each hand should be on one of the home keys. The index fingers can reach for G and H. Then, acclimate to the keyboard by moving each finger up and down its respective column and saying the name of each letter to reinforce memory. The columns of the keyboard slant up and to the left. For example, the left pinky covers 1, Q, A and Z. The left ring finger covers 2, W, S and X, and so on.

Memorizing the keyboard and then beginning to type sample sentences helps to create muscle memory for common keystroke combinations, such as the word "the." Each finger should be relaxed and allowed to curve naturally. Excess tension can cause long-term injury and decrease overall effectiveness.

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