What Are Some Good Examples of Templates for a Daily Report?


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Many websites offer free example templates for daily reports, including Template.net, SampleTemplates.com and Reportss.org. Templates for daily reports vary based on industry and range from brief, essentials-only forms to long forms that track every detail of the day's work.

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Template.net offers several examples of daily reports customized to particular industries. The first example shown is a template for a construction company's daily reports. It tracks not only the project title, but also weather conditions, which kind of workers were involved and how many of each kind were working. Another example daily report template is designed for sales. It tracks how many of each kind of product was sold that day, how many of each kind of product is still available in inventory, and the total monies taken in for each product type sold.

SampleTemplates.com provides not only daily report templates, but also advice for completing a daily report. For example, the site recommends taking notes throughout the day so that daily reports are more complete and do not rely only on memory. Reportss.org provides more complex daily report templates, divided into several separate forms specialized by activity. These specialized daily reports include such types as expense reports, job shift reports and customer feedback reports.

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