What Are Some Good CD Players for a Kid's Room?

What Are Some Good CD Players for a Kid's Room?

The Disney Frozen CD Boombox, the Little Pet Shop CD Boombox, the Spider-Man CD Boombox and the IQ Toys Portable Sing Along CD Player are four CD players that are suitable for a kid's room. While the first three are available at Toys R Us, the CD Player by IQ Toys is available on Amazon.com.

Featuring three characters from the animated movie "Frozen," the Disney Frozen CD Boombox also has a working microphone for karaoke sessions. The boombox features an LCD display that helps navigate through the songs on a CD. It can also play radio channels and has an adjustable antenna. An AC cord powers the boombox.

With characters from the kids' show "Little Pet Shop" decorating the device, the blue and purple Little Pet Shop CD Boombox features a two-digit LED display, FM radio capabilities, and buttons to repeat, pause and skip songs. Children can either plug it to an outlet or use batteries to power the CD player.

With Spider-Man's mask on the front and a picture of the superhero on the CD tray, the Spider-Man CD Boombox offers a two-digit LED display, an auxiliary input for MP3 players and the option to listen to a radio station. The boombox requires seven C-cell batteries.

In addition to playing songs from CDs, the player by IQ Toys can read USB storage devices and SD cards. The Portable Skip Along CD Player includes two microphones for karaoke duets, an audio jack for headphones, and separate volume controls for the speakers and the microphones.