What Are Some Good Bowling League Secretary Software Options?


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CDE's BLS-standard and Treasure Software's Perfect Secretary are two top bowling league secretary software applications. Both applications can be downloaded directly from their website, or compact discs can be purchased at an additional rate.

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CDE is a leader in bowling league software, and its BLS package includes secretary and treasury applications. BLS-standard requires no extra fees for multiple leagues or number of players per team. As of November 2015, the BLS-standard costs $119, or only $29 to upgrade from the previous year. For an additional $15, users can receive a compact disc for installation and a printed manual. CDE does not integrate with other online records.

Treasure Software's Perfect Secretary comes equipped with full Internet support with live updates and quick upload of standing sheets to bowl.com. Perfect Secretary costs $99.90 for four to 16 team leagues, or $199.90 for unlimited teams. For $12.99, Treasure Software mails purchased compact disc versions of the software if customers do not want to download directly from the website.

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