What Are Some Good Free Banner Software Programs?


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Bannersnack, My Banner Maker and Gimp are three programs that allow users to make banners for online media. Bannersnack is the most advanced of the three programs and offers payment plans with more advanced settings, such as apps to embed and change banners on websites.

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My Banner Maker includes templates to create many sizes of banners, but all banners include the text "mybannermaker.com" at the bottom. Users can pay a fee to remove this logo. Another option is Gimp, which is a free, open-source image manipulation tool that experienced designers can use. Gimp is a often referred to as a free alternative to Adobe Photoshop, but Gimp requires more of a learning curve. Those who use Gimp must also use another software to place their banners online.

Web banners are generally advertisements, though many sites also refer to banners as large blocks of image and text, such as the high-quality hero image at the top of a webpage. Advertisers pay a fee to place banners on websites where they believe their advertisements are most effective.

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