What Are Some Good Backup Software Programs?

What Are Some Good Backup Software Programs?

Some of the best computer backup software, as of 2015, includes iDrive, CrashPlan, SOS Online Backup and Carbonite, according to PCMag. These programs all receive strong ratings for their cloud-based backup functions and other useful features.

PCMag gives iDrive its top rating for 2015, praising its low price and 1-terrabyte online storage capacity. A basic iDrive account allows users to back data from as many computers as they want to iDrive’s cloud storage. The service also allows for local backup, mobile access and automatic syncing. A free version of iDrive offers 5 gigabytes of cloud storage.

CrashPlan doesn’t offers many special features, but the service functions perfectly for backing up user files. In addition to conventional cloud-based storage, CrashPlan also offers the option to back up files locally or on any designated computer connected to the Internet. The service also offers fast upload speeds and an intuitive user interface.

SOS Online Backup is more expensive than many competitors, but the services makes up for it with a bevy of extra features, including extensive security measures, remote data wiping and the ability to recover old and deleted versions of files.

Carbonite is one of the most popular data backup services, offering unlimited cloud storage space, continuous file backup and a simple, intuitive setup process. The service also boasts one of the most useful mobile apps of any backup service.