What Are Some Good Audio Transcription Software Programs?

What Are Some Good Audio Transcription Software Programs?

Good audio transcription programs include Express Scribe, Digital Dictation, MAXQDA, Quickscribe and EureScribe. Most of these programs are pretty straightforward, have flexible features and are compatible with various audio formats.

Express Scribe runs on Mac and PC machines and allows transcribers to play recorded audio at varied speeds while maintaining a constant pitch. The software has built-in support for common word processors such as Microsoft Word. Transcribers can set the software to automatically send recorded files via email, local area networks and FTP. They can also use it together with speech recognition software to automatically produce text files from the recorded audio.

Digital Dictation has recording, storage and transmission features that transcribers can customize according to their needs to make tasks more efficient. The software has a built-in voice compression feature that produces varying speed playback and high-quality audio.

MAXQDA is a text analysis software with a built-in media player that facilitates professional-level transcription. It provides several handy transcription features, including sync mode, time stamps, pause and playback. Output from MAXQDA is compatible with other popular transcription software.

EureScribe supports various audio and video formats including WMA, WAV, MPEG, AVI and MP3. It allows transcribers to break down media files into small chunks that are easy to memorize.

Quickscribe combines transcription with audio editing in real time, thanks to its IAF file format. The software lets transcribers edit file content by adding or removing elements such as text, images, templates and documents, using built-in commands that make the process faster and easier.