What Are Some Good Audio Sound Systems?


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Aperion Audio’s Intimus 5B Harmony SD system and the NHT Absolute 5.1T are both superior 5.1 surround sound stereos, according to The Wire Cutter. Aperion's system has better overall sound, while the NHT offers better bass. The Pioneer's SP-FS52 tower speakers are an excellent two-speaker option, as CNET reports.

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The Aperion surround sound system is slightly better for music, while the NHT system is better for movies and television. The SP-PK52FS 5.1-channel speaker package is the best low-cost option at $550 versus the Aperion's $1,466 and the NHT's $2,280 as of 2015, as The Wire Cutter reports.

The NAD D 3020 amplifier pairs well with the Pioneer speakers, according to CNET.

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