How Good Is Affinity Cellular's Coverage?

Affinity Cellular's coverage area extends to 98 percent of households in the United States as of March 2015. Affinity Cellular accomplishes this wide coverage by providing service through the cellular networks of Verizon Wireless.

Like many low-cost cellular providers, Affinity Cellular is considered a mobile virtual network operator. This means that the company does not own a cellular network itself, but instead leases unused time on another company's cell phone network. In Affinity Cellular's case, this company is Verizon Wireless, meaning that Affinity Cellular's coverage area closely mirrors that of Verizon Wireless. This allows Affinity Cellular to cover the vast majority of populated areas in the United States, with some exceptions in western states and in large portions of Alaska.

Despite Affinity Cellular's large coverage area, there are limitations to the company's services that may reduce the effective coverage area for some consumers. Most importantly, Affinity Cellular exclusively markets to members of the Automobile Association of America, but not all local chapters of the AAA are participants in Affinity Cellular's programs. Members of AAA clubs who are not affiliated with Affinity Cellular cannot get service from the company even if their homes are technically in the coverage area. Affinity Cellular also relies on Verizon Wireless's CDMA networks rather than its 4G LTE networks, which may reduce performance in some areas.