Is Glary Utilities Better Than CCleaner?

Glary Utilities is very similar to CCleaner in functionality and offers features not available in CCleaner. However, it is personal preference as to which is better.

Glary Utilities and CCleaner are Windows-specific programs that are very similar. Both offer a registry cleaner, a startup manager, a temporary cache file remover and a program uninstaller. The ways in which these two programs perform these tasks is different. Both programs contain a one-click cleanup feature focused on different aspects in order to speed up a Windows-based computer.

CCleaner aims to remove program data caches and temporary files created by programs on the system. Glary Utilities does not offer such a streamlined approach for temporary files and cached data and instead focuses on making the computer run smoother via the one-click maintenance function. Enabling this function performs tasks such as a startup application check, a disk damage repair, a disk defragmenter and a spyware removal scan. While CCleaner does have a program uninstaller, Glary Utilities offers a batch uninstaller, which makes the process more efficient.

Overall, the choice between these two programs is up to personal preference, and neither is a bad choice. It is possible to run both these programs in tandem, as they offer different yet necessary features.