How Does Gigabit Internet Work?


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Gigabit Internet is a broadband Internet standard providing speeds of up to 1000Mbps, or one gigabit, achieved by using fiber optic cables and powerful routers. The largest provider of gigabit Internet in the United States is Google's service Google Fiber. As of 2015, Google Fiber is only available in few states, with plans to expand to many more in the near future. Google Fiber subscribers also receive one terabyte of free storage on Google Drive.

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Gigabit Internet enables speeds of over 100 times faster than the average broadband service. Gigabit speeds are useful for homes or business with many people connected to a network at once, as well as for downloading or uploading movies, video conferencing and playing games.

A computer or other device must support gigabit speeds in order to take advantage of gigabit Internet. The device must have a 1Gbps 1000BaseT network card, which is the standard for most recently produced computers or laptops. Devices that don't support gigabit speeds work as well, however, they are limited by their network card's speed cap.

Although gigabit Internet supports Wi-Fi, wireless speeds are slower than wired speeds. However, with a wireless router capable of handling gigabit speeds, devices connected to Wi-Fi can take advantage of high speeds that aren't much lower than gigabit speeds.

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