How Do You Take a Geometry Class Online?


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Take an online geology class by signing up on a Massive Open Online Class website such as Coursera. Many colleges also offer online geology classes for matriculated students and the general public.

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Many online courses in geology are free and open to the public but do not give students who complete the course academic credits. Coursera offers classes from many different schools and provides academic certificates for completing certain classes, after students have paid a fee.

To take classes at Coursera, students must sign up for the website, then register for a class by visiting the site and selecting a class from the open courses currently available. Classes are held during specified periods. Students do not need to submit any personal information to the website unless they choose to seek a certificate. Edx, another popular MOOC website, has a similar protocol for enrollment.

Students may also choose to take online geology classes at local colleges. These college courses are generally open to students in degree programs, and enrollment is no different than enrollment in in-person lecture or laboratory classes. Students must apply to the college and be accepted as students. Some colleges also offer classes that are open to the public. Unlike MOOCs, these classes are not free.

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