Are There Any Free Genealogy Websites?

Are There Any Free Genealogy Websites? and are free genealogy websites. Both websites are volunteer-driven, and the latter is associated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

The USGenWeb Project allows site visitors to narrow genealogy research by state and even county. The main website consists of links to each state webpage within the USGenWeb Project network. The state websites contains a variety of resources for genealogy research, including tombstone transcriptions, census data, court and land records, local societies, and wills and estates.

RootsWeb, an online community attributed to, hosts several USGenWeb Project state websites, which may include church membership records, slaveholders' surname matches, obituaries, marriage notices and background information about prominent families in various counties.

The USGenWeb Project hosts special projects at its website, such as the digital archives library of public domain records and the genealogical events project.

At, researchers can locate information about ancestors and build family trees using a multitude of online databases, catalogs, books and wikis. Site visitors search billions of records, narrowing inquiries by life events, such as marriage or death, or by a relationship or a location.

Researchers can search through specific records or entire genealogies via ancestral files, pedigree resource files or the International Genealogical Index.