How Does GasBuddy Get Its Prices?

How Does GasBuddy Get Its Prices? relies on members to post gas prices in their local areas and uses this information to generate user-friendly gas price charts and maps. Users must visit a local GasBuddy website to report gas prices or to create an account. is comprised of several local websites that serve cities across the nation. These user-centric sites feature an active community, discussion forums on a variety of topics and a rewards program that lets members earn points and prizes for participating. To report gas prices, members and guests must click the appropriate link in the Gas Prices menu.

When a user submits a gas price, it is compared to other reported prices in the area and posted to GasBuddy if it meets certain criteria. Visitors can find up-to-date gas prices for their local area on and their local GasBuddy website. Each post provides the name and address of the gas station, along with the price and time it was reported. All submissions are deleted from the site after 36 hours to provide more accurate results.

Founded in 2000, provides drivers with an assortment of tools and resources, including a trip cost calculator, fuel logbooks and fuel tax information. GasBuddy mobile apps are available for iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Android devices, so users can find and report gas prices anytime from their cellphones.