What is a Garmin Nuvi?


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The Garmin nüvi are, as of 2015, models of automobile Global Positioning Satellite, or GPS, systems. They are available in three series, the Essential, Advanced and Prestige. Screen sizes range from 3.5 to 7 inches, with not all sizes available in each series.

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The Garmin nüvi GPS navigation systems use information streamed from a network of orbiting satellites to determine location on the planet. From this data, as well as pre-loaded map software, they can determine and display location, direction of travel and speed.

The nüvi models, like other vehicular GPS systems, are primarily used for driving navigation. Entering an address manually on the touchscreen keyboard or speaking it with the voice-activated navigation of the Advanced and Prestige models causes the device to determine the best route to take from the current location or another specified spot. All three series feature clearly spoken turn-by-turn directions that allow drivers to keep their visual attention on the road.

The Garmin nüvi models retail from $100 to $400 and are sold on the main company shopping webpage. It is reached clicking the Cars link under the On The Road heading in the Shop section on the main Garmin website. They are available by model years, with the newest being the Essential series from the 2015 models.

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