What Games Are Available for the Moto X?

The Moto X runs any Android-compatible mobile game, with hundreds of available titles on the Google Play Store. As of October 2015, popular Android mobile games include "Solitaire," "Tetris" and "Extreme Car Driving."

The games available on the Moto X and other Android devices are categorized on the Google Play Store as Starter Kit, New, Recommended, Popular and No WiFi. The New and Recommended categories change constantly to reflect new releases or based on the user's gaming history or geographical area.

Starter Kit games are simple games that appeal to a wide user base, such as "Agar.io," "Angry Birds 2" and "Bejeweled Blitz." The Popular category suggests games that have many downloads, including "PewDiePie: Legend of Brofist."

Finally, the No WiFi category includes games that users can play offline. These games include "Plague, Inc.," "Flow Free," "2048" and "Angry Birds." Most of these games can connect to the Internet for leaderboard high scores or to access additional content, but an Internet connection is not mandatory for gameplay.

Users looking for a specific type of game can sort the Play Store by genre, such as Casual, Sports, Puzzle or Simulation. Casual games include "The Oregon Trail" and "Coloring Book," while Simulation games include "Survive," "Designer City" and "Campus Crush."