What Are Some Free Games Available for the Kindle Fire?


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Free games for Kindle Fire include "FipPix Art," "Triple Town," "Sherlock Free" and "Alchemy Challenge." The free "Angry Birds" app is also available for Kindle Fire.

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"FlipPix Art" is a nonogram puzzle game with free options such as Jurassic, Zoo and Model Plane. Additional puzzles from categories such as Great Britain, San Francisco and Castle are available for a cost. "Triple Town" is a puzzle game in which the player builds his own city by matching game pieces. Although a limited-turn version is free, players can purchase unlimited turns within the game. "Sherlock Free" is the unpaid version of the logic puzzle games "Sherlock Pro" and "Sherlock Ultra," and it involves deducting the location of images within a grid.

In "Alchemy Challenge," the player tries to destroy his opponent's tower before his own is destroyed while playing a card game, and it is the winner of the Best Kindle Fire Card Game category as of 2015. "Angry Birds Free" and "Angry Birds Seasons Free" are part of a popular game family in which players must strategically use birds as weapons against pigs that are trying to steal the birds' eggs. Ad-free and HD versions are available for a price, including "Angry Birds Space" and "Angry Birds Rio."

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