What Are Some Funny Outgoing Messages for Voicemail?


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Some funny outgoing voicemail messages are those that use parody songs and musical spoofs; messages in the OGM format that include celebrity impressions, movie send-ups and TV satires; and messages using outrageous characters and funny false identities. Some recordings pretend to be a clueless mom or angry dad; a frustrated boss, annoyed school administrator or stern policeman; or a mischievous little brother or devious smaller sister. Favorite sound-alike celebs include Arnold Schwarzenegger, William Shatner, Bill Clinton and Christopher Walken.

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A large number of pre-recorded offerings exist online and as either individual tracks or in compilation collections on sites such as iTunes and Rhapsody. Comedy choices predominate (with an emphasis on

"fart" sounds) as well as thematic options providing a personalized greeting.

Some users who record their own greetings employ a much-loved, prank call-style tactic dating back to the start of the answering machine years. The idea is simple: a greeting which doesn't sound like a greeting at all, but instead simulates the sound of the person being called actually answering the phone, and genuinely speaking with the caller for a quick moment. This reliable gag persists as times and technologies change; it fools almost all callers, at least the first time.

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