What are the functions of input devices?


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The function of an input device is to provide data and control signals to an information processing system like a computer. There are several different kinds of input devices used in a computer. These include a keyboard, mouse, scanner, microphone, joy stick and bar code reader, among others.

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What are the functions of input devices?
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Input devices function differently and fall into different categories. Certain input devices fall in the modality of input category such as visual, audio or has got mechanical motion. Other input devices fall into the input is continuous or discrete category, while another group of input devices fall into the pointing devices category.

Pointing devices are further divided depending on whether they provide direct input and indirect input. Light pens and touch screens are examples of input devices that provide direct input, while the mouse and trackball fall under input devices that provide indirect input.

Composite devices such as a game pad and Wii remote are types of input devices that are capable of providing different forms of input. A gaming controller with both a joystick and buttons to input data is an example of a composite device. So is a mouse, as it’s capable of tracking movement and its buttons can be used to input data.

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